Finite Element Analysis

Vectayn employs an engineering driven holistic approach to finite element analysis. We are Engineers first and foremost and this helps us to understand issues and apply the correct analysis to solve the problems at hand. We have a broad range of skills and abilities which, together with a well qualified, experienced and motiovated workforce, enables us to help our customers develop complete solutions across a wide range of attributes

Impact / Crash. Vectayn offer a full range of impact / crash analysis from full vehicle impacts with occupants through to component level analysis for discrete impact events.

Impact / Crash

Durability / Strength. Ranging from simple linear static to complex non-linear scenarios Vectyan can proivide a full analysis service. Metalic, plastic and composite materials can be considered as required. Analysis includes fatigue.

Durability / Strength

Vibration. Analysis includes simple liner static resonant frequency analysis along with more complex forced response analysis to determine vibration induced failure, design life (PSD input), and behavior.


Stiffness. Vectayn can perform stiffness analysis on large complex structures down to simple individual components.In additional to direct loading, Vectayn can consider thermal loading and relaxation.


Optimisation. Vectayn incorporates advanced optimisation techniques into our working methodology to minimise cost and weight and to deliver working designs in ever reducing timescales.