Project Management

Vectayn is first and foremost an engineering company.  This means that although we specialise in finite element analysis as a way to deliver solutions to our clients we are not solely focused on it.  In addition to direct engineering services, Vectayn is able to manage engineering projects way beyond the scope of Finite Element Analysis.  Vectayn managers have, on average, 25+years working within Engineering and have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge as to how programmes run and what makes for efficient project management. Projects can be small or very large and Vectayn is able to manage teams and companies many times our size if required.

In 2012 Vectayn demonstrated the ability to coordinate multi-disciplinary teams across multiple locations to deliver a turn-key project to convert a Nissan NV200 Van into a London Taxi, fully compliant with TFL conditions of use regulations.