Engineering Consultancy

Specialising in high quality, predictive analysis in product development.

Vectayn Ltd is an engineering consultancy specialising in high quality, predictive analysis, helping companies save money in new product development.

Our experienced and highly motivated workforce use the best available hardware and advanced application software to provide a full range of Computer Aided Engineering capabilities across a wide range of materials - polymers, steels, alloys, composites, fluids and more. The service is backed by full engineering and project management support, helping clients interpret results to achieve optimum product capabilities.

At Vectayn we rely on the best available analytical software packages to provide our clients with reliable, easily interpretable data. All of the software programs listed below are compatible with most industry standard 3D modelling packages.

While our preferred packages are listed, please contact us if you are more used to working with (or have existing data in) other programs.

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Whether you are a project engineer, designer or manager, Vectayn can help your company bring better products to market with considerable cost savings. If you are unsure about any aspects of your analysis strategy, we will also be happy to advise on best practice.

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