Taxi Development Project Management

Vectayn were tasked by Nissan to convert the NV200 Combi into a London Taxi

Alongside the structural engineering content, this involved appointing and managing CAD, chassis and manufacturing suppliers.  Vectayn also undertook liaison with, and promotion to, potential customers of the vehicle.

Of particular importance in the success of the concept was to meet the demanding requirements of TFL (Transport for London). This required a number of modifications and features to be engineered into the vehicle :

Front Suspension

Analysis and design support to revised front suspension to achieve the TFL turning circle.  A revo knuckle was created to increase steering movement and reduce the turning circle.  The lower control arm mass was reduced by a switch from cast / forging to a multi-piece sheet fabrication.

The Moon Roof

To allow for increased head clearance within the vehicle and provide a distinctive feature for the Taxi

Coloured cross members removed to increase internal roof height (head clearance).
Hole cut in roof.
Glass glued directly to roof

CAE analysis highlights high stress in glass corners under torsional loading

Frame designed and developed to stiffen vehicle to reduce torsion and bending stress in roof glass.  Optimised for weight

Moon roof frame reduces predicted Principle glass stress under torsion by 75%.

The Bulkhead

To isolate the driver for protection (stab proof), to provide a backbone for two rearward facing seats and to provide secure wheelchair anchorage

Enlarged Door Aperture

To provide wheelchair access through the LHS sliding door

The Running Board

To provide easier able access up and into vehicle


NVH assessment of trim parts

The demonstrator bulkhead was successfully tested against seat load and seat belt anchorage load cases, but was relatively heavy

A new bulkhead was developed as a folded steel structure with a beam incorportaed to react seat belt loads.

The new bulkhead exhibited lower stresses under seat loading and was 37% stronger under seat belt anchorage loads whilst being 5.5kg lighter than the demonstrator.

The Nissan Taxi was well received by customers and public alike and the Vectayn led design is now being developed for manufacture.
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